CellMax Technologies Opens Office in Singapore

CellMax Technologies, a leading provider of advanced ultra-high efficiency base station antennas, has established a new office in Singapore to serve the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.

With its ‘next generation’ ultra-high efficiency base station antennas for mobile networks, CellMax has been successful in South East Asia, in particular in Indonesia and the Philippines. With the opening of the Singapore office, CellMax hopes to demonstrate its commitment to the region; Local sales and technical staff will be able to support existing and future customers more efficiently in their own time zone.

The mobile data traffic in the world’s mobile networks grows by 150 per cent per year, driven by the emergence and use of smartphones, apps and videos, and is expected to increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015. This puts enormous pressure on operators’ network equipment that need to be optimized for this rapid and significant increase in traffic.

There is new focus on base station antennas, previously regarded a network commodity, as an important link in this chain since traditional antennas dissipate up to 55 per cent of the power/energy of the base station, reducing the base station’s transmission capacity significantly. CellMax’s revolutionary antenna technology reduces the power losses within the antenna to close to zero, resulting in higher signal strength and a dramatic increase in geographical area coverage, improved indoor penetration, increased traffic, improved data throughput and reduced production costs per call – all without any increase in power consumption.